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Mackenzie Dayle - Cut You Out [Official Music Video]

Mackenzie Dayle - Cut You Out [Official Music Video]
Mackenzie Dayle - Cut You Out [Official Music Video]

Mackenzie Dayle - Cut You Out [Official Music Video]

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Sledgehammer - Official (by Mackenzie Dayle)

Sledgehammer - Official (by Mackenzie Dayle)

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Bridge Over Troubled Water - Mackenzie Dayle (Crescendo 2019)

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Mackenzie Dayle (Crescendo 2019)

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"Mackenzie Dayle is a real Triple Threat - the real deal."

Kings of A&R Magazine


Mackenzie Dayle is a Canadian pop singer, songwriter, and dancer. Her music revolves around the idea of being strong and “out of the box” artist. Her daring style mixed with her sarcastic relatability allows her to experiment in all aspects of her music, she aims to create music for those who do not feel represented by most songs currently on the market. 

Mackenzie Dayle operates under the mentality of personal strength and empowerment, with a heavy dose of sarcasm! Her music is designed around the ideals of being the “Boss” of your own life, liberation from stereotypes and outside expectations, self-love, individuality… or simply a soundtrack for car karaoke. 

Mackenzie recently released her single “Cut You Out”. Despite her releasing this song independently, and in a pandemic, the song managed to cut through the noise, and received impressive hype Internationally, reaching over 150,000 Spotify streams, and climbing. Her music video, created and performed by an entirely female cast and team, has reached 140,000 views on Youtube. This is just the beginning for Mackenzie, and she plans to build on her growing audience, with many new songs to be released in the near future. Stay tuned for new releases by following her on her social media channels!

Mackenzie’s mission is to be a role model and an inspiration for "self-love and empowerment" in people of all ages. She embarked on two "Anti Bullying School Tours”, which travelled across Canada to empower and encourage over 4000 youth to love themselves, and treat others with kindness. 

She was the winner the HOT Radio Factor Competition for best original song. Along with a $10,000 prize, she had the opportunity to open for International artists Mia Marina and Kardinal Offishal, as well as meet music legend Steven Tyler at the Taste of Edmonton Festival. 

Mackenzie has worked with the likes of Kent Speakman, Wendy Starland, and many high end producers who have worked with artists such as Lil Wayne, Pink, Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, and Jennifer Lopez.





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